Mandatory Training Updates More Important Following National Bereavement Survey 

Mandatory Training Updates More Important Following National Bereavement Survey After a national bereavement survey criticises the level of medical care from staff, mandatory training courses from agencies like Global Health Professionals proves to be more important than ever. Mandatory Training Updates

A recent survey commissioned by the Department of Health has provided shocking data that has criticised the level of care medical staff are giving to their patients. London-based training facility Global Health Professionals regularly promote their Mandatory Training Courses which include briefings about health and safety, medication management and infection control for doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals. The firm have recently reported an increased demand for their services from numerous healthcare agencies. These mandatory training courses are essential for nurses and healthcare professionals as they provide students and staff with the knowledge of safety and well-being for all patients, visitors and other members of staff.

The National Bereavement Survey was conducted to find out from families how they rated the care their loved ones received in the last three months of their lives. The results revealed that families said only 51.8% of nurses and 58.8% of doctors always treated their relatives with dignity and respect. Mandatory Training Updates

Global Health Professionals has built a strong reputation within the industry for their mandatory training services, and has received great feedback from the many healthcare and nursing agencies they have worked with.

The material used in mandatory training courses given by Global Health Professionals is all evidence based and is delivered by expert trainers. Other courses they offer include First Aid, a CACHE Level 1 award in Introduction to Health, Social Care and Children and Young People’s Settings and a People Movers Manual Handling Course.

Global Health Professionals are a London-based training facility located in London Bridge and Tottenham. They have grown to be of the UK’s foremost providers of health and social care courses as well as their highly demanded mandatory training courses.


Mandatory Training Updates