People Movers Moving and Handling Level 3 | CPD (1436T16) Accredited

People Movers Moving and Handling Level 3

This course provides a practical understanding of the process of lifting and moving loads in line with approved code of practice.

People Movers Manual Handling Course Level 3

  • This is a comprehensive classroom based training to enable candidates to gain an understanding of the process of lifting and moving loads, be able to identify risks and determine the safest method of handling without injury, in line with approved code of practice, accepted lifting methods, regulations and understand the consequences of poor manual handling practice.
  • The People Movers Manual Handling Course is intended for those new to training manual handling, or those wishing to update their skills. The course will provide a broad and comprehensive overview of best practice in manual handling training techniques. The course is aimed at employees within an organisation who have been tasked with training other colleagues in safe manual handling principles and covers safe manual handling techniques, manual handling risk assessment and training techniques.

By the end of the course delegates will be able to demonstrate a good understanding of the risks and practical issues involved with manual handling.
  People Movers Manual Handling Course

Course Contents:

  • Aims and Learning Outcomes
  • Legal Framework and Accountability
  • Responsibilities of employers and employees
  • Definition of Manual Handling
  • Risk assessment
  • The Principles in Risk Control in Manual  Handling
  • Manual Handling Do’s and Don’t
  • Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992
  • Structure of the Spine, muscles and disc
  • Unsafe Lifting Practices
  • Lifting and carrying safely
  • Techniques to avoid injury and strain
  • Causes of Back pain
  • Lifting using a good posture
  • Types of Equipment used for Manual Handling
  • Patient/Client Movers Moving and  Handling
  • Categories of Manoeuvres
  • Supervising, Positioning, Transferring, Lifting, Assisting, Moving , Turning Client/Patient
  • Knowledge and Skills Assessment

Fee: £120 mandatory training
Duration: 0930-1730
Target Audience:  Mandatory to all healthcare professionals
Lunch will not be provided only Tea and coffee will be provided in the morning and during breaks.

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People Movers Moving and Handling Level 3 | CPD (1436T16) Accredited 

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